Refund is the process of returning an amount by the seller to the buyer, in case of a return or replacement of an item. The refund is applicable in the following conditions:

When one will get a refund?

Refunds or replacements may be delayed or declined due to missing order Id or the product will not satisfy the reasons mentioned in the claim. The time taken for processing of the refund may vary depending upon the mode of payment. Here is the list for the different payment modes:

How can one know about the status of his return/refund request?

Manufacturing Defect in the Product

Product found damaged
All products dispatched from are packed carefully, so there are rare chances of its damage. But in case, one found products in damaged state, the customer should intimate the team for the return or replacement within 10 days of the release of payment.

Product received is different from that written in its description
If the product you ordered and received is different from that written in the product description at the website then the buyer will get return. This will not only cover the reasons such as incorrect colour, size, style but will also cover the wrong promises made in the description and other issues.

Incorrect product delivered
If an incorrect product is delivered instead of which was ordered, then the buyer will get a refund or replacement of the product. If faces any difficulty, any kind of confusion or have any query related to the product, while ordering it then you should ask it by making a call to our toll free number.

Parts missing in the product
Before using the product please check that you get the complete products as mentioned in the invoice and in the product description. In very rare circumstances, the products parts are missing. If you find any, immediately intimate the team of

No Warranty/ Invoice received
All the orders that are dispatched from are with the original invoice from the merchant. If warranty or invoice is missing then please contact the support team of within 10 days of the delivery. We will try to rectify out the matter as soon as possible and satisfy you with the most probable answer.

In case of any query related to the Refunds/ Returns/ Replacements, please contact us through call or email as soon as possible.